Our First Tavistock Christmas

We enjoyed a fabulous first Christmas here in Tavistock, which began with the switch-on of the Christmas lights on Dickensian Evening at the end of November. Holly excelled herself with our wonderful Christmas window display, which drew many compliments from visitors, fellow traders and customers alike. 

Being our first Christmas of trading in Tavistock, we weren't sure what to expect or what support we would have, with the bright lights and chain stores of Plymouth beckoning from only 16 miles away.  We are thrilled to say that the good people of Tavistock and the surrounding areas value the individual shops and unique products available in Tavistock, and gave us great support.  Time after time customers told us, "It's so nice to see things that are different from the chain stores." 

It's an odd job, wandering around the wholesale warehouses and trade fairs trying to anticipate what people will want to buy, but by-and-large we got it right, selling out of many of our most popular lines within a week of them arriving on the shelves.  We shall certainly have an easier time with our Christmas gift buying in 2015.

During the closing fortnight of November and throughout December we had the pleasure of running a free Prize Draw for the Tower of Temptation: four gift-wrapped boxes of wine, truffles and other waist-expanding goodies.  Every customer who spent £100 or more in one transaction was entered into the Draw, which was won by Mr and Mrs Hill of Tavistock.  Mrs Hill had previously told us she never won anything, so we were thrilled to prove her wrong and present her with an early(and completely unexpected) Christmas gift.

We'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to everybody who bought their Christmas gifts from us, from September right up to 10 minutes before we closed on Christmas Eve.

Needless to say, we are looking forward to many more Christmases to come. in Tavistock.