Richard Kinsey

Richard Kinsey BagsWe are very proud to stock handbags, man bags and purses bags designed by Richard Kinsey.  Kinsey bags are made from fine leather, thoughtfully designed and skilfully made, fully lined with pocket facings in leather, and featuring good quality zips. 

The Kinsey name is associated with a happy mix of tradition and refinement, as well as colour and contemporary styling fused together to give a modern approach to leather.

The best thing of all?  The prices are surprisingly reasonable for such exceptional quality.


Troop London

Perhaps our most popular and versatile bags for both men and women come from Troop London, who utilise the latest methods in canvas bag making, combined with traditional skilled leather craftsmanship, to bring you some of the finest accessory collections.

Troop's cotton pulp is spun into yarn and thread to make a soft, breathable canvas material.  It is then stone-washed to give a unique soft feel and shape to the collection.

All Troop bags are very well priced for the quality and durability.