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Our Vision

Brocante of Devon - The Gift Experts, exterior of shop, 39 Brook Street, Tavistock PL19 0HE
Brocante of Devon - The Gift Expert is a family-owned and run business.  We share the same passion for the products we sell, we understand our market and the customers we appeal to, we have the same high standards when it comes to customer

The Gift Experts

Our Passion Is:

  • Your convenience
  • Ensuring our customers are satisfied
  • Offering good advice
  • Making shopping a pleasurable experience
  • Standing out from the mundane and ordinary
  • Varying our stock as much as possible
  • Providing time and space to browse
  • Inspiring and delighting you
  • Catering for all budgets

Special Info

Easy disabled and pram/buggy access: we're at street level and there's no steps to worry about.  Being a very old building our doorway is a little narrow, so if you have a wheelchair or a wide buggy, take it slowly.