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Recycling At Its Best and Most Inventive

We are all aware that the Earth's resources are scarce and we need to recycle as much as we can to preserve them. This is why we use recycled tissue paper and paper carrier bags in our shop as a matter of course. We do have plastic carrier bags, but we reserve them only for when we absolutely must use them (or a customer specifically requests them). We know that many of our customers reuse our bags time and time again until they fall apart, and often recycle the paper ones again.

Spring Refurbishment

It's been a very busy few months and an extremely steep learning curve (vertical, almost) since we bought the shop in June 2014.

We have weathered our first Summer, survived Goose Fair unscathed, made our debut at the wonderful Dickensian Evening, enjoyed a hectic Christmas, had our first January Sale, and launched this website. We are now officially into Spring. And with Spring, our thoughts turned to our next challenge: refurbishing the shop.

Trade Fairs

January and February 2015 saw the beginning of the Trade Fair season. I would imagine that every gift retailer views the Trade Fairs with a mixture of joy, hope, anticipation and utter exhaustion, coming so soon after the very busy Christmas season.