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MOVA Globes

Each Globe is supplied with a clear acrylic stand on which the globe appears to float, powered simply by light.

The Globes are available in three sizes: 4.5 inch, 6 inch or 8.5 inch diameter. 

There are several designs of terrestrial globes from which to choose, including the 4.5" and 6" white and green Cassinis. The original chart on which the Cassinis are based was drawn in Rome in 1790 to chart the three voyages made by Captain Cook.  We also have the 6" Cassini Constellation map, and a 4.5" modern celestial map of the Constellations. 

We also stock a selection of moons and planets including Mars, Jupiter (two sizes), Venus, our Moon, Saturn, and one of Saturn's moons, Titan. We are unique in the world as being the only stockist to supply Saturn complete with rings - even MOVA themselves do not do this! 

A few of the designs are available in all three sizes; most are limited to 4.5" or 6" diameter.

Although we keep a very wide variety of globes in stock if we do not currently have the design or size you wish to purchase, we can usually obtain it for you within around 10 days.

Mova Globes