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The best-known ceramics we stock are by the wonderful, long-established Moorcroft Pottery.  Anybody who is a regular viewer of television programmes such as Antiques Roadshow and Flog It will be aware of this glorious pottery, the respect in which it is held, and the value it has held throughout the decades.   Moorcroft is still one of the most respected and loved names in British ceramics.

Moorcroft Collectors' Club

Brocante runs our own Club, which is free to join.  Each holder of a Brocante Collectors' Club membership card is automatically entitled to a 10% discount on each piece of Moorcroft Pottery they purchase.

Lay-away Scheme

Brocante operatse a lay-away scheme for the more expensive pieces of Moorcroft.  Choose your piece, and pay for it in whatever amounts, and at whichever interval, suits.  We will keep your piece of Moorcroft in our securely locked display cabinet until the final payment is made