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The best-known ceramics we stock are by the wonderful, long-established Moorcroft Pottery.  Anybody who is a regular viewer of television programmes such as Antiques Roadshow and Flog It will be aware of this glorious pottery, the respect in which it is held, and the value it has held throughout the decades.   Moorcroft is still one of the most respected and loved names in British ceramics.


We offer a range of charming and well-designed mantel, alarm and wall clocks by Thomas Kent, Newgate Clocks, Oliver Hemming and others.  Ranging from huge to small, we cater for all tastes and budgets.

MOVA Globes

Each Globe is supplied with a clear acrylic stand on which the globe appears to float, powered simply by light.

The Globes are available in three sizes: 4.5 inch, 6 inch or 8.5 inch diameter. 

There are several designs of terrestrial globes from which to choose, including the 4.5" and 6" white and green Cassinis. The original chart on which the Cassinis are based was drawn in Rome in 1790 to chart the three voyages made by Captain Cook.  We also have the 6" Cassini Constellation map, and a 4.5" modern celestial map of the Constellations.