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For The Home

Whether for your kitchen, bedroom, sitting or dining room, we are sure to have something which will delight and amuse you, as well as fulfilling a practical need.

For the Home

In the homewares section, we have a wide range of items, including a range of amusing and thoughful coasters; scented candles by Voluspa and Bolsius; Prices pillar candles; Stoneglow reed diffusers and candles; glasses and decanters; heart-shaped cruet and oil sets on wooden stands; lidded soup bowls with ceramic spoons and wooden coasters; glass cake domes, bedside water carafes & glasses; slate tableware; a range of lanterns and candle holders in metal, wood, and glass; Diet Plates & Bowls; vases and jugs; a wide variety of photo frames; and many more items too numerous to list.

Soft Toys

Whether for children or adults, our range of soft toys always delights.  Purchased from suppliers who really understand what is required of a toy that meets all current safety requirements, as well as looking and feeling cuddly, we offer teddy bears, dinosaurs, jungle animals, puppies, and a range of snugglies for babies. 

We also stock the adorable Limited Edition Silver Tag Bears (featured in the picture above).